For twenty years, as RSscan Lab Ltd, we have been helping Premier League Footballers, Tour De France winners and Olympic champions to stay injury-free and perform better, with our made-to-measure insoles.
Our philosophy has always been to treat the foot as a dynamic system that is why we teamed up with RS Scan Systems to use state-of-the-art scanning technology to measure each person's foot and their gait (the way that they walk) in minute detail. This approach allowed us to design and prescribe the best possible bespoke insoles.

The development of bespoke insoles, however, was always likely to be limited to a relativey small number of people and the statistic that always played on our mind was that 70% of people would benefit from using an insole but only 5% of people actually wear one.

We wanted to change this and develop an insole that was both affordable, while delivering unparalleled protection and performance.

The Enertor dream was born.



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