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Default Karakal CB-3 Badminton Racket - KBCB3BADMI €5.00
One Size / White Skirt Karakal National Nylon Shuttlecocks - Medium Blue x6 White - One Size / White Skirt - KBNATIONAL-WHITE €8.00
Default Karakal CB-2 Junior Badminton Racket - KBCB2JUNIO €9.00
Default Karakal CB-7 Badminton Racket - KBCB7BADMI €15.00
Default Title Karakal Black Zone 30 Badminton Racket - KBBLACKZON-30 €25.00
Default Title Karakal Pro 88/290 Badminton Racket - KBPRO88290 €65.00
Default Title Karakal Pro 84/290 Badminton Racket - KBPRO84290 €65.00
Default Title Karakal M-75 Fast Fibre Gel Badminton Racket - KBM75FASTF €50.00
Default Title Karakal Black Zone 50 Badminton Racket - KBBLACKZON-50 €30.00
Default Title Karakal Black Zone 40 Badminton Racket - KBBLACKZON-40 €30.00
Default Title Karakal B-65 Fast Fibre Badminton Racket - KBB65FASTF €60.00


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