Karakal BN-60 Fast Fibre Badminton Racket


The Karakal BN60 FF Badminton racket is manufactured using Fast Fibre Carbon Gel System which Spreads Tension over whole frame for Playability and Durability.

Gone are the days where rackets had to be head heavy to generate power. The technologies we use in these rackets allow you to create far more power but with much less effort cutting down on the fatigue and stress on the muscles and body

The addition last year of Fast Fibre Graphite to the frame allows it to return to shape 10% faster after a shuttle strike creating even more power for less effort, the racket already produces incredible power due to Ultra-Lite construction resulting in higher than normally possible Racket Head speed.

Manufactured from one piece of Moulded Graphite with our new Thumb Print; for easier finger location.

  • 60g frame weight.
  • Fast Fibre Carbon Gel.
  • Isometric Head with Muscle System.
  • Hi-Flex Precision Shaft.
  • Constant Taper Frame.
  • High Strength Head-loop up to 28lbs.
  • One piece Moulded Graphite with Thumb Print.
  • Double Grommet added at Tee Joint.
  • Full Racket Cover.
  • Karakal PU Grip.

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