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MP Focus Snorkel Purple White

MP Focus Snorkel Purple White


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The Focus swim training snorkel features a unique, low-profile design that has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability, allowing the swimmer to focus solely on technique and proper body position by eliminating breathing motion.

Unique, low-profile, hydrodynamic tube reduces drag and eases breathing
Increases cardiovascular strength and lung capacity
Adjustable light weight head bracket with integrated cushion ensures comfortable fit
Silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue
One-way purge valve positioned to maximize clearing of excess water
Triangular tube shape inhibits side-to-side rotation
Offered in regular fit and small fit
What coaches are saying about the Focus Snorkel:
“The swimmers on my team using the focus snorkel LOVE IT. No more frequent adjusting! The headpiece fits tight and does not wobble one bit. We are encouraging our swimmers to purchase the Focus. My goal is for everyone to own it by season’s end.“
“It's far superior to the other brand’s snorkel that we have. The fit is better and stays in place better.“
“The snorkel works very well, the kids that have tried it tend to really like the feel and flexibility it has. No cons really, they really like it!”
“The snorkel is outstanding! The best part for me is how low-profile the snorkel is to my head. With other snorkels, when I'm traveling at a high velocity or doing flip turns, often the snorkel will not remain centered on my head. The second best feature is how well it rests in my mouth. I don't have to bite down as strongly to keep it in place.”
“The snorkel is great! I’ve actually recommended it to my swimmers already. My favorite part of it is the triangular physique and the mouthpiece shape.”
"There are a lot of reasons I love the Focus snorkel!"
-Bob Bowman, US Olympic Men's Swimming Coach

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