AquaSphere MP Technique Paddle Neon

Aqua Sphere

Our inventive Technique Paddle is your new training must-have. The Paddle helps to improve your pulling technique (wrist, forearm, and elbow alignment), with its easy-to-use, Coach Bowman-inspired design and innovative, natural shape.


  • Design prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow
  • Structural design promotes proper vertical forearm technique
  • Vent holes provide a natural feel of the water
  • Design provides alternative hand positions (closed or open)
“The innovative MP Technique Paddle has instantly become an essential part of my training program. It’s long design makes my swimmers use their hand and forearm as a single unit, helps them to feel the connection between the two, and emphasizes the pitch and rotation of the forearm during the pull. Thanks to its versatility, we not only use the MP Technique Paddle for all strokes but also in many different ways: normal, backward, and even sideways. It provides good pressure on the water but doesn’t give a lot of resistance which enables the swimmers to strictly focus on technique and stroke mechanics.”
"The MP Technique Paddle ensures – more than any other paddle – that my swimmers strictly focus on technique and stroke mechanics."
- Coach Bob Bowman

Technologies and Materials:

  • Paddle made of rigid PP (Polypropylene)
  • Silicone tubing straps

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